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Jahorina is a mountain in south-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The distance from Sarajevo is 30 km, Belgrade 320 km, Novi Sad 335 km, Zagreb 446 and Ljubljana 584 km.


During the period  of regime Austro-Hungarian Empire, the people were visiting Jahorina with the aim of hunting. Even so the first association with Jahorina is skiing. 1923 were first skis brought and first hotel built. In 1852 was first lift built. But the most important event in Jahorina, are the XIV Winter Olympic Games, which held in 1984. in Sarajevo. Jahorina, one of the largest ski and winter tourism centers in the Balkans, was the site of the women's alpine skiing events during the Olympics. Experiencing a true boom after the 1984th year Jahorina strongly went forward, modernized the old and built a new hotel facilities and groomed ski fields.

Today guests have at their disposal over 20 km groomed trails for alpine skiing, associated with modern ski lifts, total capacity of about 10 000 skiers per hour.

Jahorina is in the range of the Dinaric Alps. The  highest peak is Ogorjelica at 1916 m above sea level. The ski lift reaches the altitude of 1894. Geographic location, beautiful ski fields, plenty of snow and excellent climate make Jahorina ski perpetual challenge. With its diverse flora and fauna is the most beautiful jewels in a series of Republic of Srpska.

Jahorina is a popular destination for a variety of outdoor sports and winter activities. Jahorina is attractive and acceptable to all top athletes, recreation, hunters, fishermen, mountaineers and those whose senses are eager to enjoy the peace and natural beauty.The pure mountain air is resting not only the body but the soul.


Other tourist attractions:

Orlovača cave is one of the most famous underground gems which has been constructed and  sculptured by God's own hand milions of years ago. Its jewellery is unique and inimitable. Its hidden beauty is undescribed, and the shapers and tableaus formed by stalagmites and stalactites alternate by those formed by many- colored coral and aragonite decorations and unique cave columns reminiscent of those in ancient Greek and renaissance places and monuments. The cave is also decorated by delicate stone draperies of varius shapes and colors and it has perfectly designed petrified"waterfalls". Orlovača is a unique speleological attraction, which was inhabited by ursus spaleus ( ancient cave bear) 16 000 years ago. Nowadays it is the habitat of the most endangered group of mammals in Europe cave bat (microc hipoptrea).

In the upper section of the river Prača, there isn't a better place than Kadino vrelo to enjoy the specialties of the  local cuisine and forest fruits in untouched nature.

At the beginning of 20th century the Ceković House was built by a famous Ceković family, family of  merchants from Mostar. After 100 years the visitors are still fascinated with the house. In 2004 the house has been  declared as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The daughter Milojka was the last descendant of the Ceković family and she presented the ecclesiastical province of Metropolitan Dabrobosanski with the house of her family. In 2007 the house was  reconstructed. Nowadays the ground floor is the Art Gallery Pale, the upper floor is museum of province Metropolitan Dabrobosanski.

Religious heritage:

Pale- Orthodox Church of the Ascension of the Holy Godmother , built in 1909.

Prača- Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul, built in 1908.

Trebević- Orthodox Church of the Holy Prophet Iliac, built in 1943.

Podgrab- Orthodox Church of the Ascension of our Lord, built in 1997.

Ravna Romanija- Orthodox monastery Sokolica - dedicated to the warriors of the Romanija region, who are killed in last civil war in Bosnia.

Pale- Chatolic Church of St. Joseph- built in 1911.

Podvitez- Mosque

Jahorina and Pale events:

Pale, July: Art colony followed by many concerts, poetry evenings, folk-dance etc.

Pale, August: Fluta festival. Concerts of ethno music, folk- dance.

Jahorina, December: Art Jahorina- art colony.

Jahorina, November: "U susret zimi", the fair of tourism and hospitality industry.